Clarksburg Film Bureau

Why Clarksburg, WV?


Driving Radius

Clarksburg is located less than 2-hours from Pittsburgh, PA, less than 3-hours from Columbus, OH, and less than 4-hours from Cleveland, OH, Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC. On a larger scale, Clarksburg is located within one day of half of the continental United States and major eastern Canadian cities. 


With an inventory of over 40-pivitoal historic structures over two commercial property historic district and one residential historic district, a rich historic backdrop is available. Shooting locations in the City of Clarksburg feature architecture and place design spanning early 1800s to the present day. For details on historic sites available for filming please contact the Clarksburg Visitors Bureau


If you are considering West Virginia as a location for your film production needs, the City of Clarksburg is here to help. The Clarksburg Film Bureau is a multi-department office comprised of City of Clarksburg cultural arts and economic development professionals. You can find helpful information to start your film production on this site.  For technical assistance, the Commercial Filming Application process allows staff to provide the most accurate information for your production needs. Simply return a completed application to the Clarksburg Film Bureau and staff will be in contact with your production company to assist.

Commercial Filming Application

For questions about commercial filming in the City of Clarksburg, including location guides and local labor information contact the Clarksburg Film Bureau at

West Virginia Film Office


West Virginia Film Tax Credit

The West Virginia Film Office in conjunction with the West Virginia Department of Economic Development, administers the West Virginia Film Tax Credit. When a production company films in West Virginia, they are eligible to get back up to thirty-one percent (31%) of direct expenditures in West Virginia. For more information please contact wvfilm.

Employment and Support Services

Interested in finding a job in the industry? Do you have a small business that would like to assist with a film production? Do you own property that could be showcased in a film? The West Virginia Film Office provides free listing services for individuals and businesses that are interested in working with film crews. From on camera action to behind the scenes production to leasing the parking space for the food truck a block over, you can be part of the action. Contact wvfilm for more information.

Partners and Local Resources