Clarksburg Urban Renewal Authority Property Activity

On October 20, 2021 the Clarksburg Urban Renewal Authority participated in the Harrison County Delinquent Tax Lien Sale. Properties identified in the map below are those that the Clarksburg Urban Renewal Authority will now have an active tax lien. These properties had existing City of Clarksburg demolition liens in the amount of $132,704.02. The Clarksburg Urban Renewal Authority does not own these properties at this time, but may acquire these properties if the underlying property tax delinquency is not rectified. 

When a property is sold at tax sale all prior liens are released. By engaging in the tax lien sale process, monies spent on the demolition of unsafe structures and maintenance are not completely lost, as the Clarksburg Urban Renewal Authority will have the ability to provide these properties to neighboring property owners or developers. The goal is for these properties to be placed into an active use with owners who will maintain their property. After many years, these properties can replenish those funds that were spent on demolition and maintenance by being used and taxed as open space or improved property.

For more information about the City of Clarksburg Urban Renewal Authority or to discuss specific properties, please contact John Whitmore, Director of Economic Development with the City of Clarksburg, WV at 304-624-1681 or via email at