Speed Hump Program

The City of Clarksburg Speed Hump Program establishes criteria and procedure for the instillation of speed humps upon the city streets of Clarksburg. The program will provide guidelines for The City of Clarksburg, the associated departments and the public for the installation and placement of speed humps.

Policy – Resident Request for Speed Hump

A speed hump is a (typically) rounded traffic calming device designed to reduce vehicles speeds on residential streets. They are constructed across the road, and, often installed in a series of several humps to reduce the potential for drivers to gain any significant benefit from speeding once the vehicle has crossed the hump.

Speed humps are one type of traffic speed control, however, there must be a documented pattern of cars speeding – where a significant percentage of the cars are travelling at least 6 – 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

Unintended Consequences of Speed Hump installation

Most ‘problem solving’ techniques may have unintended consequences. Obviously, there is more noise: the compression of the cars’ suspensions, the impact of the tires on the device, and the sound of the cars’ acceleration after being slowed for crossing the hump. Some drivers will attempt to minimize the effect of the hump by ‘gutter running’: driving with the passenger-side tires in the gap between the edge of the hump and the curb on the street. That places motor vehicles closer to pedestrians and cyclists.

Some vehicle operators may divert to other streets to avoid the delay and inconvenience of the humps, so neighboring streets may see an increase in both speeding and traffic volumes.

Finally, some residents believe that the markings on the speed humps, and the required warning signs, reduce the value of their homes and properties – if, for no other reason, that the implicit warning to potential buyers of a “speeding problem” on the street.

 Speed Hump Application Process

  1. A speed hump request form is available for download here. The completed form can be submitted electronically, or hand delivered to the Public Works Department.
  2. If the submitted form meets the set forth criteria, and design thresholds:
    • must be residents on the street where a speed hump installation is requested.
    • Roadway Classification: Local Residential (City maintained roadway)
    • Posted Speed Limit: ≤ 30 MPH 
    • Traffic Volume: ≤ 500 VPD 
    • Maximum Lane Count: 2 lanes
  3. A traffic study will be conducted by the Clarksburg Police Department to determine need and provided to the Traffic Department for further review.
  4. If all requirements are met, the street department may install a speed hump at the specific location.
  5. If the requirements are not met, or the traffic study does not warrant the installation of a speed hump, a written response will be provided to the submitter stating why it was denied. 
image of a speed hump