Spring and Fall Cleanups

LATEST UPDATE: 2023 Spring Cleanup will begin March 13, 2023.

Bi-Annual Bulk Collection Details

The City of Clarksburg regularly sponsors bi-annual *residential only* bulk collections/cleanups in the Spring (March) and Fall (October) for residents of Clarksburg.

Open trucks will be available to take items too large and bulky for normal garbage pick-up.   IE: Stoves, washers, dryers, hot water tanks, electronic equipment such as televisions, microwaves or computers, and normal household items. 

  • Refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers must be properly tagged, noting that all Freon has been professionally removed.  Without proof of Freon removal, the above items will NOT be picked up
  • No normal household garbage and demolition /construction material, corrugated cardboard or broken glass (unless the broken glass is boxed or contained so that no one can get cut) will be taken. 
  • Limited to one small truck load per residence.
  • No vehicle parts, batteries, tires or with liquids (example- paint, sealer and etc.) will be picked up. 
    • Auto Zone at 106 W. Main will accept used motor oil.  
    • Clarksburg Scrap Metals at 702 N. Ohio Avenue and Nicholson Auto, Inc. at 168 Peck Street receives old vehicle parts and all appliances.  
  • To take advantage of this FREE service, Clarksburg residents are requested to place items at the curb or in the alley.
  • Small items must be boxed, bagged or tied.  Nothing loose will be taken.  All containers must be disposable and of a size and weight one man can hoist up into a dump truck bed.
  • No materials from contractor’s jobs will be included in this free service.  Items not properly prepared will NOT be taken. 
  • Yard Waste is not included in this pick-up, but will be picked up by our Compost Department truck on the designated day.

 Any questions, feel free to contact the Public Works Center at 902 N. 3rd Street or phone (304) 624-1611 or (304) 624-1612.