Rental Properties

In accordance to Clarksburg City Code, ARTICLE 1767 Rental Housing Registration Program, all property owners that own rental property within the municipal boundaries of Clarksburg:

  • Must be registered with the State of West Virginia Tax Department of Business Registration
  • Must have a valid Clarksburg business license listing the rental properties:
  • Must register all rental properties with the Code Enforcement office:
    • Download rental registration form (PDF)
  • Must schedule an inspection for Certificate of Use and Occupancy (no fee)
    • Download a sample Certificate of Use and Occupancy checklist: (PDF)
  • Must file/pay Business and Occupation taxes quarterly, even if no income is received

This applies to all rental units, residential or commercial, within the municipal boundaries of the City of Clarksburg, including owner-occupied dwellings wherein attached or detached portions of the residences are rented.