Rain Barrel Program

The City of Clarksburg has created a rain barrel program to encourage the personal capture of rainwater within the city to help divert rainwater that may otherwise wash waste and contaminates into our local waterways.

This program helps the city comply with obligations it has as part of our "small municipal separate storm sewer systems" (MS4) program with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). As the city continues to separate its storm sewers from our wastewater systems, the separation diverts untreated rainwater runoff directly into our waterways. Because of this, we want to make every effort to reduce impacts of environmental pollution to our waterways caused by the rainwater runoff.

While personal rain barrels may seem like a minor effort, every little bit helps protect our local rivers and streams as well as provides citizens with a method of watering plants and gardens without the added cost of municipal water and sewer charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the rain barrel cost?

The upfront cost of the program is $60, but the final cost is only $25. After participants install their rain barrel and submit a photograph to help verify installation, the city will refund $35 to the participant. This is done in an effort to disincentivize the exploitation of the program by those who take advantage of the subsidized cost by reselling the kit for profit.

Why is it important for Clarksburg citizens to participate in this program?

This program is important for multiple reasons:

  • Rain barrels help create a private water source that be by used to water plants, saving on homeowner money on their water bill.  
  • It also helps reduce stormwater runoff pollution, which eventually finds its way into the area waterways. 

I don't live in Clarksburg city limits; can I get a rain barrel through this program?

Clarksburg's Rain Barrel Program is only available to citizen's living within the Clarksburg city limits. To receive the $35 program refund, installation of the rain barrel requires verification that the rain barrel is installed at the applicant's address.

How many people are able to sign up for the program?

We are limited to the number of barrels in stock at the Public Works center. As we get applications in, we order more water barrels and connection kits.

How often is this program available?

We continue this program all year as part of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's MS4 permit requirement to help reduce pollutants going into the area watersheds. We promote the program more often during the summer growing season to encourage more local gardeners to capture rainwater to water their gardens, but this program is available year-round.

Is the rain barrel mine to keep?

Once the applicant receives the barrel, it is theirs to keep.  We hope that the applicants will continue to utilize the rain barrels for many years to come.

What will I receive as part of the program?

The Clarksburg Rain Barrel Kit consists of:

  • Information regarding the City of Clarksburg’s MS4 Program
  • Information on how rain barrels can help the water cycle
  • A 55-gallon barrel
  • A rain barrel connection kit with instructions on how to connect the rain barrel to the property owner’s downspout

This program is a win-win partnership between the City, the homeowner, and our local environment.

How To Apply

  • Download Rain Barrel Application
  • Complete the application linked above, then deliver it to Code Enforcement (upstairs) and pay at the Cashier’s window (downstairs). 
  • After payment, you will be given a receipt to take to the Public Works Office to pick up your rain barrel kit. Please call Public Works first to arrange your pickup: 304-624-1611
  • Upon completed installation of your rain barrel, take a picture, showing the rain barrel and the building that rainwater is coming from, and send that picture to the one of the email addresses listed below or bring a photo to the Code Enforcement office.  
  • After verification, $35.00 of your Application Fee will be refunded to you (please allow one week for verification and refund check to be issued).

For all questions or to submit your applications or photographs, please email:
Tom Brown at: tbrown@cityofclarksburgwv.com or
Bryan Reed at: breed@cityofclarksburgwv.com

Clarksburg's Rain Barrel Program
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