2022 Comprehensive Plan Update Process

The City of Clarksburg has contracted with Environmental Planning & Design to facilitate and complete Clarksburg's 2022 Comprehensive Plan.

Planning Commission Draft of the City's 2022 Comprehensive Plan:

Community feedback from Rounds 1-3 have now been compiled into a DRAFT version of the city's 2022 Comprehensive Plan that was presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission during their public meeting on September 14th and October 12th. Additional material will be added and provided on this page. The following document is the preliminary DRAFT plan:

October 13, 2022 Draft Document

The Planning Commission Draft is available here: Clarksburg Planning Commission Public Hearing Draft

Round #2 Main Topic Information:

4 Focus Areas of the Draft Plan:

  1. Build from Within: Revitalization & Redevelopment
  2. Look to the Rivers & Hills: Recreation & Natural Resources
  3. Keep it Clean & Proud: Property Maintenance
  4. Work Together: Community Engagement & Communications

Your FEEDBACK is still needed!

Please take the time to review the documents linked above and offer feedback on the 4 Focus Areas: https://arcg.is/1jOCez0 

Round #2 Main Topic Information:

Direct comments from Round #2 are available: Direct Comments Additional data is available here: Round #2 Information

If you were not able to participate in Round #1 or #2, you can still submit your input using the forms available on the Comp Plan page: https://arcg.is/1jOCez0

Neighborhood Workshops are interactive, flexible, and fun!

Workshops follow an informal “open-house” format, which allows participants to move around at their own pace. Project team members will be around to listen, answer questions, and guide you through the process.

Planning Topics include:

  • Land Use
  • Mobility
  • Housing
  • Green Spaces
  • Downtown
  • Infrastructure
  • Parks & Recreation
  • City Services 
  • Natural Resources

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The State of West Virginia has established Comprehensive Planning as a requirement for communities that engage in land-use regulations (zoning) but there are other reasons for the City to have a regularly updated Comprehensive Plan, as provided in §8A-3-1(b) of the West Virginia State Code: 

(b) A comprehensive plan is a process through which citizen participation and thorough analysis are used to develop a set of strategies that establish as clearly and practically as possible the best and most appropriate future development of the area under the jurisdiction of the planning commission. A comprehensive plan aids the planning commission in designing and recommending to the governing body ordinances that result in preserving and enhancing the unique quality of life and culture in that community and in adapting to future changes of use of an economic, physical or social nature. A comprehensive plan guides the planning commission in the performance of its duties to help achieve sound planning.

 As a part of this process, a multiple-location series of three progressive community meetings will be held. These meetings are planned to begin in early-spring and continue trough mid-summer. We will be evaluating city land-use, mobility, housing, green spaces, downtown development, infrastructure, parks and recreation, municipal services, and our natural resources. Throughout this process we will work together to address these and other concerns:

  • What Makes Our Neighborhoods Great and Where Are We Struggling?
  • What Will Make Our Neighborhoods Better?
  • What Can We Do Now?

This page will collect information from the Comprehensive Planning process. If you require additional assistance, please contact the Economic Development Department at (304) 624-1681.

Community Meeting Map

Neighborhood Sessions Map (Above) 

(Feb 2022) Initial Planning Commission Meeting

February 09, 2022 Planning Commission Meeting
Planning Commission Kick-off Materials - 2/9/2022

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