Public Advisory

This is a public advisory to the citizens of the City of Clarksburg from the Clarksburg Sanitary Board. The Clarksburg Sanitary Board owns and operates a wastewater collection and treatment system. The collection system is a combined system, which means all sanitary sewers and storm sewers drain into the same system. During some rain events, the amount of wastewater collected is in excess of the system's capacity to carry and effectively treat. Because of this, the collection system is designed to relieve this excess water by way of 84 to 55 permitted combined sewer overflows into the local receiving streams, the West Fork River and Elk Creek. 

Be advised that when these combined sewer overflows are discharging, there is potential for health risk from contact with the streams. Thus, you are advised to avoid contact with the water during these overflow events. Should you have any questions regarding this advisory, please contact Paul Lehosit at the Wastewater Treatment Plant at 304-624-1626.