Hiring Process

All appointments to all positions shall be made by the City Manager. This information shall serve as the standard city guidelines for filling positions. All full-time, part-time, and temporary positions within the city may be filled by either internal reclassification, selection of an active employment application on file, or through open announcement as determined by the City Manager. Positions to fill through open announcement shall be filled through the following process.

Step 1 - Job Description

The City Manager, the Finance Director, and the Personnel Director shall review the existing job description for the position. If a description does not exist, the Personnel Director, with the support of the department head, shall draft a description for the manager outlining the essential tasks and responsibilities. If the existing job description fails to properly outline the needs or expectations of the City Manager and the Finance Director, the Personnel Director shall redraft the description incorporating the appropriate changes.

Step 2 - Announcement

The Personnel Director shall submit an announcement to the local newspaper and any other publications deemed appropriate which may outline some or all of the following about the position:

  • The position title
  • A brief description of the position responsibilities
  • Minimum educational and experience requirements
  • Whether the position is full-time/part-time, regular/temporary
  • Compensation level and benefits
  • The location of applications
  • The deadline and location for the submission of applications
  • The fact that the city is an equal opportunity employer
  • The location of the contact person for individuals in need of reasonable accommodation in the application process

The deadline for applications shall be set at a date no earlier than 14 days from the announcement listed in the local paper. The city will make a special effort to contact local organizations representing federally recognized minority groups and organizations serving citizens with disabilities. The City will only accept applications for specific job openings, when announced, according to the procedures outlined herein. No applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis or at times when no specific job openings exist (1/00).

Step 3 - Application Reviews

The City Personnel Director and the appropriate department head shall review all the applications submitted and establish a list of candidates who meet the minimum requirements of the position. These requirements shall include the following:

  • Application must be received before the stated deadline or postmarked by the date before the announced deadline.
  • Candidates must possess the minimum education and experience requirements.
  • Candidates must meet U.S citizenship requirements or possess a work permit.

Step 4 - Finalist Candidates

The Personnel Director and the appropriate department head shall review the list of applicants possessing the minimum qualifications of the position and create a list of finalist candidates.

Step 5 - Interview Schedule

The City Personnel Director and the appropriate department head shall review the list of finalist candidates and establish an appropriate interview schedule. The department head and Personnel Director shall also establish in writing an appropriate list of questions to be asked during the interview. The evaluation scoring system shall also be discussed. The department head and Personnel Director shall schedule interviews with a list of finalists.

Step 6 - Interview Committee

The appropriate department head and the City Personnel Director shall comprise the interview committee. One other individual approved by the City Manager may also serve on the interview committee at the discretion of the City Manger. Members of the committee shall ask candidates the questions from the previously organized list as well as other questions at the discretion of individual committee members. Each committee member shall evaluate candidates on a previously established rating scale. The Personnel Director shall tabulate the combined scores and develop a consolidated score for each candidate. The Personnel Director shall use the scores to create a candidate ranking schedule.

Step 7 - Background Check

The City Personnel Director shall conduct a background check on each of the candidates interviewed. The background check shall include:

  • Contacting the references of the candidates interviewed
  • Checking on the candidates’ criminal histories, if any
  • Conducting a credit check on candidates for positions in the City Finance Department or positions within the city where the position description requires the processing of money

Step 8 - Final Selection

The City Personnel Director and the appropriate department head shall forward to the Finance Director and the City Manager the candidate ranking schedule along with information obtained through the background check. The City Manager shall review the department head’s recommendation and make the final selection. The City Manager shall have the authority to select any candidate presented on the final schedule (8/96).