Handyman Information

In order to be eligible for a handyman license the total contract amount received for each individual job performed it the City limits of Clarksburg during license period July 1st through June 30th will not exceed the amount of $5,000.00 for residential work or $25,000 for commercial work for the total cost of materials and labor (regardless of whether materials are purchased by the handyman or the project owner). The initial fee is $75 and a renewal fee of $50 every year after that.  You may download the Handyman Application here or contact the Tax and License Department at (304)624-1630.  

West Virginia Business Registration

All applicants must first have a valid West Virginia Business Registration prior to obtaining a license in the City. The State Tax Department headquarters is located in Charleston, WV and can be reached by phone at 304-558-333 or toll free at 800-982-8297. There is also a regional offices and may be reached by phone at 304-627-2109 or on the Tax Department website