Clarksburg Water Board


  • Paul Howe III, President
  • Albert Cox, II, Member
  • Jon Calvert, Member
  • Jason Myers, General Manager


The Clarksburg Water Board, a municipal corporation, was created by a special act of the legislature in 1909 and charged with the duty and responsibility of providing an ample supply of pure and wholesome water to retail and wholesale customers in Harrison County. All powers and duties of the city pertaining to the construction, acquisition, establishment, improvement, operation, management, maintenance, and repair of the municipal water system, and the determination of all matters of policy with respect thereto, are vested in and shall be exercised by the water board, independent of control by the City Council and the City Manager

Additional Resources

For more information regarding the Clarksburg Water Board, please visit the Clarksburg Water website or call (304)623-3711. 

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