Clarksburg WV


Wastewater Department Overview

The Clarksburg Sanitary Board owns and operates an 8.0 million gallon per day activated sludge water pollution control facility (Wastewater Treatment Plant). The facility consistently meets or exceeds effluent limitations established by the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit.

The facility is staffed with fourteen employees consisting of a Class IV Superintendent, a Class IV Assistant Superintendent /Pretreatment Coordinator/Safety Director with Collection System Certification a Class IV Maintenance Director with Collection System Certification, a Class IV Lab Certified Laboratory Technician, a Class I Shift Operator/CSO Inspector with Collection System Certification, a Class II Shift Operator with Collection System Certification, a Class IV Shift Operator /Lab Certified, CDL License and Collection System Certification, a Class I Operator with Collection System Certification, a Class II Operator with CDL License, Two Operators in Training (OIT), and a Secretary.

Currently the Clarksburg Sanitary Board has just completed receiving bids for next Phase of the Long Term Control Plan. Bids were received October 16, 2013 at 2:00pm. The upgrade to be performed is to minimize inflow into the collection system and to reduce discharges from the permitted combined sewer overflows. An $11.5 million dollar State Revolving Fund Loan was secured for renovations and upgrading of the wastewater treatment facility.

When the upgrade is completed the treatment facility will be able to effectively treat 18 million gallons per day of combined sanitary and storm wastewater, or an average daily flow of 8.0 million gallons per day. Some of the upgrades include a primary sedimentation clarifier, demolishing the existing headworks structure and constructing a new headworks building with all components, vortex grit removal chamber, primary sludge pumps, chlorination piping modifications, de-chlorination basin and appurtenances, replacing flow meters, upgrading electrical, lighting, mechanical, HVAC, and all necessary appurtenances to name some of the plant upgrades.

The City is making great strides towards meeting the requirements of the Clean Water Act as it relates to minimizing combined sewer overflows. It also gives the facility the capacity to handle increased flows which may result from any future growth in the surrounding areas. Follow this link for more information on combined sewer overflows.


The Wastewater Treatment Plant provides service to approximately 16,500 residential and commercial locations within the City of Clarksburg in addition to 7 satellite locations (Anmoore, East View, Summit Park, Greater Harrison Public Service District, Nutter Fort and Stonewood).