Clarksburg WV


Auditor’s Office Field Director, Jim Terango Presents: Money Matters



The Mayor’s Youth Council (MYC) met last night in the Council Chambers to learn how they can better manage their money and protect themselves from frauds and scams.  The Auditor’s Office Field Director, Jim Terango presented several topics to the MYC including, “Investigating Before You Invest” and “If It’s Too Good To Be True, Then It Probably Is”.  During Terango’s presentation, he explained “Why Money Matters” and elaborated on debit and credit transactions, frauds and scams, saving and investing, and even introduced a stock market simulation.   


Mayor Goings explained, “We are very happy to have Mr. Terango with us this evening.   It is very important that our youth be educated in the responsibilities that come with having money.  Because our Youth Council is made up of students who are either already employed or will be taking on new ventures in the near future, we are privileged to have  someone from the State Auditor’s Office to join us for the evening to share his expertise on dealing with money.”  The Youth Council was also given the opportunity to have some “hands on” training, which the youth very much enjoyed.”  Goings concluded by saying, “I am very impressed with our program and believe that these students are a great representation of our community.” 


Money Matters is a free financial literacy program for West Virginia’s classrooms and is available online: