Clarksburg WV


Milling/Paving Project 2016

milling paving

City of Clarksburg announces 2016 Milling and Paving Program:  The Bid was held on Wednesday, August 17, 2016, Clarksburg City Council awarded the contract to J.F. Allen Company on Thursday, August 18th 2016 in the amount of $559,558.80   Funds to be utilized are as follows:  Levy Fund $480,000, TIF Funds $65,029.80 and Clarksburg-Harrison Housing Authority $14,529.  

Residents are requested to cooperate by relocating their vehicle on the scheduled days, in order for their roads to be repaired and restored.  The schedule can at times change due to inclement weather and/or mechanical issues, therefore, we will keep the property owners and residents within these areas informed via social media.  In addition, streets will be posted the night before.  

Click below for City of Clarksburg 2016 Milling/Paving List