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Gore Building

Gore Building on West Pike Street, Uptown Clarksburg


Past: The Gore Building, one of Uptown’s most notable classic structures, has recently regained the attention of Clarksburg’s citizens.  Once a popular hotel in the early 1900’s, the Gore Building was owned by Dr. Truman E. Gore, Physician and brother of Howard M. Gore, Governor of West Virginia (1925-1929).  Although it is considered to be somewhat of a neo-classical design, the hotel was erected to display many elements of the Renaissance Revival architectural period.  The building was utilized as a hotel for many years before it was converted into office spaces, and it wasn’t until 1998 that the building was purchased by successful businessman and entrepreneur, Steve Haning to be utilized as commercial and residential property.   With much exterior revitalization, including architectural facelifts and a suitable green and kaki paint job (original color); the building has become an attractive centerpiece for those entering Clarksburg from U.S. Route 50 and a perfect example of the positive direction that Uptown Clarksburg is moving in.  The staff, under the direction of Haning, has worked diligently to capture the historical façade and many traditional components of the building, however, the interior structure has not fallen short of a true transformation in modernization.


Gore Building in the Early 1900’s


Present: The Gore Building, is presently the home to five (5) thriving businesses including Mullens & Mullens Law Firm, Big Book: Ogden Directory, Insurance America, Criss-Cross and Altered Productions Dance Studio.  The businesses are located on the ground floor of the building and are in a prime location for the traffic that enters into the City of Clarksburg from the highway.  City Manager, Martin Howe stated, “The building is a pillar for our community and is part of our rich past.  Steve Haning has done great things to preserve the structure in addition to contributing to the City’s overall economic development.”

Hunter B Mullens, ESQ of Mullens & Mullens Law Firm. with City Manager, Martin Howe


In addition to the commercial real estate located on the ground floor, the Gore Building is also extraordinary because of its community.  The second floor features several luxurious apartments and is home to several of Clarksburg’s residents.  Sally and Dick Ogden have been residents of the Gore Apartments for fourteen (14) months and are very satisfied with the benefits of Uptown living.  “We love it here and couldn’t be happier,” stated the Ogden’s. 


Dick and Sally Ogden.
Sally explained that people seem to always be surprised at how nice their home is.  The energetic couple was vocal in explaining the benefits of living in Uptown and find it easy to take advantage of their location.  The Gore Apartments are in close proximity to the Clarksburg-Harrison Library, Churches, restaurants, shops, and only a block away from U.S. Route 50.  Not only are the Apartments conveniently located, but residence can also be without the responsibilities of shoveling walks, mowing lawns, and keeping up with maintenance issues.  The building is secured with sixteen (16) security cameras, a keyless entry system, and features heavily insulated windows and walls to help residents feel safe and sound.  As part of the ease of living, the cost of rent (avg. $1,400/month) includes the utilities, therefore, residents don’t need to worry about any unforeseen costs. Dick Ogden explained that the set price is yet another benefit of living in the building.
Apartment in Country-Style Motif.
The Ogden’s home is equipped with a full kitchen, two (2) bedrooms, one and three-quarters bath, a living room/dining area, washer and dryer, and has ample storage and closet space.  The apartment is heavily lighted with both natural and recessed lighting and comes with a great view of South Pike Street and the eastern part of Clarksburg’s landscape.  Although the Ogden’s apartment is completed in a country-style motif, other apartments have been built with a different kind of flair.  The apartment which is neighboring the Ogden’s, displays an exposed brick wall, a bay window and is decorated as modern city loft. 
Apartment in City-Loft Motif.
Much of the successes in beautifying the building can be attributed to owner Steve Haning; however, it is because of his ability to surround himself with positive people that this project has been so fruitful.  Property Manager of Diamond Development, Kris Duarte has been working closely with Haning on the building project, and holds many responsibilities for the building and its development.  Duarte explained that he has worked on a variety of projects over the years, but seemed most excited about this particular development.  “It is great to be working in a building with so many great people,” Duarte explained, “We have received a lot of cooperation from the community and support from City Manager, Martin Howe.”   Duarte works in many facets of the building and considers himself to be an “A-Z” man.  Many of the buildings functions can be attributed to Duarte’s labors; however, Kris’s ability to work so well with Commercial Specialist from ERA Signature Properties, Suzi Heger has been the reason that the building shows so much great character and personality.
Kris Duarte and Suzi Heger.
Future: Suzi Heger works closely with Steve Haning and Kris Duarte in helping potential clients to see the benefits of living in the Gore Apartments.  Heger, who assists in the design and retail of the apartments, explained that much of their vision comes from scratch.  “We have worked very well together in developing these apartments and are looking forward to bringing life to the top three (3) floors.”  Duarte identified the top three levels of the building to be under construction and explained his excitement in seeing the community grow.  Duarte stated, “We can’t build these apartments fast enough.  We plan to start in January in order for the top three community floors to be completed by 2015.”  The floor plans have been partitioned to accommodate twenty-one (21) more apartments and will be suitable for singles, couples, or even families.    
Plans for Top 3 Floors.
Although the top three floors must still undergo construction and renovation, potential tenants can receive a tour of the existing apartments, converse with their future neighbors, and make specific requests in the décor of their own space.  Pre-lease occupants can expect to move into their new home by 2015, and if individuals are able to sign ahead of time, they won’t have to wait in line for their future living quarters.  The top floor apartments will be as warm and comfortable as the existing modernized apartments; however, they will feature a breathtaking view that is steps above all the rest.


View from 5th Future Floor Apartment.

If you are interested in taking a tour of the Gore Building contact:

Suzi Heger @ 304-672-9995


Kris Duarte @ 304-476-3066