Clarksburg WV


Rail Spur on Columbia Boulevard


On Tuesday, the 5th of November 2013, the City of Clarksburg began making enhancements on the Railroad Spur located in the Business and Technology Park on Columbia Boulevard.  The Railroad Spur, which is a railroad track where train cars can be left for loading and unloading goods, will serve as a means of conveyance for the businesses located within the park.  The project was made possible upon receiving a grant for two hundred and sixty-six thousand dollars ($266,000) from the West Virginia Department of Transportation Public Port Authority and is being accomplished in accordance with guidelines from American Railway Engineering, Maintenance-of-Way Association, and Federal Railroad Administration.    


The scope of the City’s work is to occur along the Lead Track commencing approximately one hundred and fifty (150) feet from the mainline point of switch, to the end of the Medical Action facility.  The track is to run along the turnout dividing the Lead Track and Spur Track and along the Spur Track.  The project will involve the following; a.) the removal and replacement of track ties and machine tamping of ties, b.) placement of new ballast, c.) tightening or replacement of bolts, d.) installation of additional rail anchors, e.) raising certain sections of existing track, f.) leveling of rails along tangents and super-elevation of rails in curves, g.) and clearing of brush and implementation of vegetation control measures.




 The City of Clarksburg has allocated an additional twenty-five thousand and seven-hundred dollars ($25,700) to the project, which will go to the repair/ replacement of approximately four-thousand three hundred and fifty (4,350) linear feet of track.  The proposed workflow schedule for the track improvement project is being performed by Fritz-Rumer-Cooke Co., Inc., a contracting company out of Columbus, Ohio that specializes in railroad projects. (  The project is tentatively scheduled to be completed by December 11th, 2013, weather permitting.




John Paul Nardelli