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Jr. Police Academy 2012 - Young Cadets Graduation

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Friday, July 20th, 3:30 the Jr. Police Academy for Ages 5 -8 yr olds concluded with a graduation of the young cadets that had participated in the week long camp. Approximately 50 children were involved with officers from the Clarksburg and Bridgeport Police Departments as well as other volunteers and guest speakers. The students not only had time for physical activities and interaction with other friends during their summer break but they learned about Law Enforcement, Team Building, Character Education, Drug Awareness, Safety issues and so much more. Pro Officer, Mike Daugherty, with the City of Clarksburg explains it all well in the video you can view below. In the video you will also hear the words of guest speaker, Donnie Lindsay, a former WVU Long snapper from 1996-1999 and now wears a different helmet as a Firefighter and Paramedic.

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