Clarksburg WV


Clarksburg City Council Declares April 2017 as “Fair Housing Month”


fair housing month

The City of Clarksburg recognizes and supports the Clarksburg-Harrison Regional Housing Authority in its committed efforts to highlight the Fair Housing Law, Title VIII of Civil Rights Act of 1968 and to promote equal housing opportunities for all.   

The National Fair Housing Law provides an opportunity for all Americans to rededicate themselves to the principle of free choice and to reacquaint themselves with the rights and responsibilities that are theirs under the law.

Implementation of the Fair Housing Policy of West Virginia requires the positive commitment, involvement and support of each and every one of our citizens.

The departments and agencies of the State of West Virginia provide leadership in an effort to make fair housing a right that can be realized by all our citizens.

The City of Clarksburg encourages all citizens to support and endorse the practice and policy of fair housing in their personal lives, as well as in their workday duties. 

Photo shows Councilman Bob Caplan and Executive Director of the Clarksburg-Harrison Regional Housing Authority Louis Aragona