Clarksburg WV


August 21, 2014 City Council Meeting Proclamation


WHEREAS,     the Clarksburg, West Virginia voters passed a $275,000 bond issue for a new high school on July 25, 1911; and


WHEREAS,    despite protests by some people that such a facility on Lee Avenue would be “so far away that not one in 500 people will ever see it,” ground was broken on May 10, 1913, and the cornerstone for the $200,000 building was laid on November 12, 1013; and

WHEREAS,     despite labor problems, and the celebrated late arrival of huge boilers on horse-drawn wagons, classes began on September 14, 1914; and

WHEREAS,      during the remainder of the opening school year, it was called Clarksburg High School; the following year the name was changed to “Washington Irving High School” to honor the famous American author, Washington Irving, often called the “Father of the American Short Story;” and

WHEREAS,   the 1956-57 school year marked the end of national segregation resulting in the local union of Washington Irving High School and Kelley Miller High School; and

WHEREAS,    the 1990-91 school year saw the union of Washington Irving High School and Roosevelt Wilson High School at the Lee Avenue school; and

WHEREAS,     the school ceased to exist as a high school at the conclusion of the 1994-95 school year, allowing the school to continue its high educational standards as Washington Irving Middle School; and

WHEREAS,     over 12,000 students have graduated from this facility with a curriculum and a faculty that allowed all students to compete favorably in the modern world; and

WHEREAS,    the Washington Irving Alma Mater was written by E.W. James, the first Mayor of Clarksburg; and

WHEREAS,    the City of Clarksburg wishes to recognize 100 years of academic excellence at the Lee Avenue school.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Catherine A. Goings, Mayor of the City of Clarksburg, proudly declares Washington Irving as a forever treasure of our proud past and unlimited future!

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and have caused the Official Seal of the City of Clarksburg to be affixed hereto this 21st day of August, 2014.

                                                                    CATHERINE A. GOINGS, MAYOR

                                                                    CITY OF CLARKSBURG, WV


                                                                    ANNETTE WRIGHT, CITY CLERK