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City of Clarksburg and YMCA Celebrate New HVAC System in Pool Area

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Harrison County YMCA staff and board members were joined by Clarksburg City Council as well as the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the completion of the new HVAC unit installation in the pool area. 

The new HVAC system provides for a more comfortable environment both on the pool deck and in the water.  The new system regulates the temperature and humidity levels in the pool as well as improves the air quality by filtering out airborne chemicals that can generate due to the chlorine filtration system.

Adam Dyer, Board Member President, stated, “On behalf of the Board, I would like to extend our gratitude to the City of Clarksburg.  Frankly, if it was not for the City stepping up and helping us out, the Y would not be here.  We are very grateful for their investment.”  Mr. Dyer continued, “The Y is an important part of our community.  On my drive here today, I saw senior citizens as well as children utilizing the facility which shows that we are accomplishing our mission.”

President and CEO of the YMCA, Laura McMahon stated, “We are very grateful that the City has continued to partner with us – together we were able to achieve our goal to have a fully functional air unit in our pool and provide quality aquatic programming to our members and guests.”   

Mayor Catherine Goings stated, “I am very proud of what the City of Clarksburg has accomplished by stepping up to the plate to purchase the YMCA and completing the HVAC improvements.  I feel it is our obligation to provide a quality of life for our residents.”

The City of Clarksburg acquired the YMCA February 5, 2016.