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mural day one

August 28, 2017

The City of Clarksburg has commissioned local artist (and former Universal Studios scenic painter) Ed Mac to paint a mural on the east side of the Hewes Avenue Parking Building.

The mural will be approximately 38 feet high and 40 feet wide.  The location, visible from U.S. Route 50, was chosen due to the visibility it would receive from locals and travelers alike.

Currently in the outline and priming stages, the entire project is expected to be completed before the upcoming WV Italian Heritage Festival. (Stay tuned for the big reveal.  Any guesses on what the finished piece may be?)

Ed Mac stated, “I want the mural to give the idea that Clarksburg is a destination, not just a City you drive through on your way elsewhere.  This City has a lot to offer and residents that are proud to live here.”  He continued, “I thought, if I could create something recognizable and timeless, people would smile when they saw it and want to know more about the City of Clarksburg.  From festivals to local businesses, the City thrives on the local community and I am proud to bring more art to the community.”

More murals are planned for the future.  QR (quick response) codes will be added to all murals so pedestrians and visitors may “scan” the code and learn more about the artist.

Projects and partnerships like this make our community welcoming and stronger.  The City of Clarksburg hopes to build a sustainable future for the community and add to the quality of life by embracing the culture and arts. 

Ed Mac (Edward McMillan), is an American contemporary artist specializing in portraits, pop art, and illustration. With a focus on recognizable images and figures, with a stylistic approach to detail, Ed Mac has created over 100 works of art. He is a former Central Florida resident, who has lived in the North Central West Virginia area for the last 7 years. He is a father of three, and loves being a part of the local community.

Ed Mac studio shot

Continue to follow us on Facebook as we post photos of the progress.  For more on Ed Mac “Art Attack” visit his Facebook page facebook.edmacart and on Instagram @edmacartist

Story and photo by Dominique Spatafore | City of Clarksburg 

mural day three

Art This Way: City Mural Progress Day Three

The City of Clarksburg commissioned local artist Ed Mac to construct a 38 feet high x 40 feet wide mural on the side of the Hewes Avenue Parking Facility to be visible from US Route 50.

Community Relations Specialist Dominique Spatafore stated, “By partnering with local artists, the City hopes to create a sense of pride and ownership in the community. Our Downtown, having a mix of creative boutiques and restaurants, along with the soon to open Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center, is the perfect back drop for a strollable, art-focused business district."

mural final

“This is a project that was very exciting to see develop and come to completion throughout the week.  These types of art and mural projects had been discussed in 2011 and early 2012.  Clarksburg Uptown had the vision as a non-profit corporation and continues to be dedicated to the revitalization of the historic uptown district.” stated City Manager Martin Howe.

Public art plays an increasingly important and visible role with revitalization efforts.  We recognize that to continue the revival of our historical and Central Business Districts, we have to have the ability to shift from the past of being a retail center to being focused on cultural and art opportunities.

There are many talented artists throughout the region and we want to embrace them and draw upon their talents.  Clarksburg has a rich history which is represented by its architecture as well as in the people’s stories, legacies and talents. 

There is a great opportunity for the community and property owners to embrace these types of projects which are much deeper than murals.  It is about reenergizing and reinvigorating the community.