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Olymbec Upgrades Stonewall Parking Facility


Olymbec parking facility

Olymbec has invested $150,000 into the previous Stonewall Jackson Parking Facility which is located at the corner of South 2nd Street and Washington Avenue.

Renovations and upgrades include a new retaining wall to stabilize the upper lot as well as hand-guards to protect pedestrian traffic. A building permit was issued on April 7, 2017.  The project is expected to last one (1) month. 

Olymbec acquired the Stonewall Parking Garage in 2014.  Olymbec whom owns and leases Chase Towers felt there was a need for more convenient parking for their lessees. 

The City of Clarksburg commends them for their ongoing capital investments to our Central Business District. 

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Below is previous photo of parking facility before Olymbec completed demolition and upgrades:

olymbec parking previous

olymbec logo

Olymbec seeks out undervalued properties and thoroughly assess the risks and rewards related with each venture.  They look aggressively for “diamond in the rough” properties that have challenges that undermine their charm to others.

Olymbec is a family run business that has been a driving force in the real estate market for over 35 years.  They are one of the largest private industrial real estate holders with branch offices throughout Canada and the United States including Dallas, Columbus, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Memphis and now West Virginia. 

For more information about Olymbec, visit WWW.OLYMBEC.COM