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City of Clarksburg Continues Partnership with Local High Schools for “City In Bloom” Project

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The City of Clarksburg will once again utilize Robert C. Byrd and Liberty High School’s Future Farmers of America Programs to beautify our Central Business District.

In 2016, The City of Clarksburg partnered with Robert C. Byrd and Liberty High Schools agriculture programs to grow and place hanging baskets on light poles throughout our downtown.  The baskets were a big success and we are excited to bring the project back.

Students at both schools will be responsible for the planting of eighty hanging baskets.  The students will work with the Agricultural teachers in their respective school’s greenhouses to nurture and grow the flowers and plants.  In April, the hanging baskets will be placed throughout our Central Business District.

city in bloom student teacher greenhouse

For this year’s baskets, the students added new petunia varieties to increase diversity and hardiness of the baskets, dracaena (spikes) to increase height and add dimension as well as sweet potato vines to add color to the foliage.

Brianne McCauley, Agricultural Education Instructor at Liberty High School stated, “It is very exciting for us to partner with the City of Clarksburg again and produce these baskets.  We have a new group of students this year that are able to participate in the project and learn all about not only how to produce plants, but to be able to pick, arrange, maintain and care for them.”  She continued, “It is very rewarding for the students to see the project from start to finish by seeing them on light poles throughout the City.”

All plants are raised and grown with love by the students.  Watering and upkeep will continue to be maintained by our Public Work’s Department.

city in bloom students in greenhouse

Principal of Robert C. Byrd High School Steve Gibson stated, “The Agriculture program is excellent in giving our students skills, not only in growing plants, but business aspects such as profits, loss, inventory and leadership.  Every student has a role.”  Mr. Gibson continued, “Partnering with the City is excellent.  We are constantly striving for ways to give back to the community.  The City was kind enough to support our turf project and this is a great way for the students to give back.  By being able to see their baskets on display throughout downtown, the students take such pride in their work.”

We are excited to showcase the students work throughout our Central Business District.  The City looks forward to this ongoing relationship with both schools and their FFA programs.  Project and partnerships like these will continue to make our community welcoming and stronger.  

Continue to follow us as we visit the local schools and their greenhouses and interview the students.  Students be sure to tag yourselves and share the post!

Story and photos by Dominique Spatafore | City of Clarksburg 

city in bloom 4 4 17 group


City in Bloom Project Update: Spring has sprung and so have our flower baskets!  Pictured are Liberty High School students Nicholas Plaugher, Tommy Fluharty, Jeremiah Todd and Zachary Elliott 

city in bloom group photo


What better way to kick off summer than by showcasing this great group of students who beautified our Downtown area with 80 hanging baskets!

Robert C. Byrd High School student roster:

Tyler Ables

Robert Arnold

Dylan Beatty

Zackary Coe

Thomas Colwell

Alexis Cross

Caster Dent

Elyssa Dumire

Zachary Glover

Jerrod Harris

Gary Heflin

Wesley Ice

Thomas Leeson

Caleb Limbers

James Lipscomb

Dakota Rebrook

Elaine Robertson

Cassandra Satterfield

Brianna Smith

Christopher Warner

 Ashleigh Williams


Liberty High School student roster:

Ashton Allen

Brent Allen

Lucas Collins

Zachary Elliott

Thomas Fluharty

Alec Frazier

Leah Galford

Hunter Glover

Donavan Hickman

Logan Hosaflook

Seth McKinney

Spencer Mellie

Dawson Murphy

Kirstin Phillips

Seth Plaugher

David Sigley

Jacob Southern

Austin Stewart

Benjamin Sturtevant

Chandler Taylor

Jeremiah Todd

Andrew Van Norman

Brandon Watson

Connor Wickline