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The Harrison County Board of Education Unanimously Approves Acceptance of Former Dominion Building

former dominion building

The Harrison County Board of Education had a special meeting Monday, February 06, 2017 at 9 am held at the Board of Education Central offices located at E.B. Saunders Way.  This meeting was to discuss and take action on property acquisition of 455 West Main Street (former Dominion building) which was unanimously approved.

Approximately 100 Board of Education central service employees will be working out of the new location.  Additional daily traffic is anticipated from visitors and employees utilizing the facility for training as well as ongoing business and educational needs. 

Harrison County Board of Education Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin stated, “The Board spent countless hours reviewing the decision to ensure it was the best one possible.  We accept the generous donation of Dominion for the purpose of bringing many of our programs throughout the county into one building.”  He continued, “We envision an educational center for all of Harrison County.”

Board Member Frank Devono Jr. stated his appreciation to Dominion’s commitment to Clarksburg, while President Gary Hamrick commented that one key component of economic development is the Board of Education.

Dominion Transmission Operations Vice President Brian Sheppard stated, “We are pleased to see this structure will continue to play an important role in the community.”  He continued, “Supporting education has long been a focus of Dominion’s philanthropic and civic activities, so we are hopeful that our latest contribution will benefit students and educators for many years to come.”

The City of Clarksburg congratulates the Harrison County Board of Education and welcomes them into our Central Business District.