Clarksburg WV


Neighborhood Improvement Plan: Monticello Ongoing Revitalization Effort (M.O.R.E.)

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Since early 2016, the community reinvestment team at MVB Bank has worked to engage various organizations and partners to actively support and sustain the Revitalize Clarksburg effort. 

M.O.R.E. will focus on improvements within the areas of Main Street from South 2nd Street to Clay Street including all side streets on the south side of Main (including, but not limited to, Washington Avenue, Ben Street, Virginia Avenue and E.B. Saunders Way) to near the intersection of Haymond Highway and Monticello Avenue near the Elk Creek.

The coalition consists of representatives from approximately ten (10) various regional groups, of which The City of Clarksburg is a participant. 

A Town Hall Meeting will be held Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 6 PM in the Kelly Miller Building Auditorium located at EB Saunders Way, Clarksburg, WV.  The meeting will allow input from residents and property owners within the area to discuss improvements and ideas they would like to see move forward.  All are encouraged to attend.