Clarksburg WV


Congressman McKinley Holds Open Table Discussion with City Officials

mckinley group standing


An open table discussion was held this morning inside City Manager Martin Howe’s conference room with Congressman McKinley discussing issues such as economic development, infrastructure projects and drug presence within West Virginia.

In attendance were Mayor Catherine Goings, Vice Mayor James Malfregeot, City Manager Martin Howe, Assistant City Manager Anthony Bellotte, along with Councilman Ryan Kennedy and Councilman Gary Bowden.

The hour and half session included numerous discussion points.  Mayor Catherine Goings inquired on historic tax credits and their continued positive potential impact to the downtown and surrounding area.  Congressman McKinley stated, “A city’s commitment to economic development is to take care of your downtown.”  Resources available from the Federal Government such as Congressional Research Services assist in identifying funding available for various projects.

Mr. Howe communicated his requests for tax credits for the forthcoming Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center, agreed by all to be a main economic driver for our area.  The City has applied for historical tax credits, new market tax credits along with federal and state tax credits.  Much of the cost of the project will be offset through donations through the capital campaign along with these tax credits.

Mr. Bellotte inquired regarding the Federal Aid Urban System.  The City is being proactive with improving our infrastructure utilizing alternative funding sources.

Vice Mayor Malfregeot initiated the discussion on drugs and their impact on the area. This conversation included educational components as well as rehabilitation options, lack of funding and resources available through the Surgeon General.  Councilman Kennedy suggested that the dealers distributing drugs across state lines be prosecuted federally for first degree homicide if and when a death occurs. 

City officials thanked Congressman McKinley for his dedication to the city of Clarksburg, his congressional district and the entire state of West Virginia.