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Sycamore Street Bridge Project

sycamore street


The City will begin its second major infrastructure project utilizing the recently passed Home Rule 1% Sales and Use Tax.

Starting Monday, August 15th Bilco Construction will begin mobilizing equipment and installing traffic control signage for the Sycamore Street Bridge Project.  Traffic delays or congestion may be expected.  Beginning 10 AM on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2016 Sycamore Street from Mulberry Avenue to Baltimore Avenue will be closed to all vehicular traffic throughout the duration of the project.  Willison Street traffic will also be unable to use Sycamore Street.

Alternate routes to be considered are:  Baltimore Avenue, Mulberry Avenue and North Chestnut Street.

City Manager Martin Howe stated, “This would not be possible without the implementation of Home Rule.  The Sycamore Bridge Project, along with the Lowndes Hill/2nd Street Project have been a major priority for the city in improving its infrastructure.”

A pre-construction meeting was held on Wednesday, June 1st.  Council unanimously awarded the bid to Bilco Construction in the amount of $366,901 on May 18, 2016.

The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of October 2016.  Continue to follow us on and on Facebook for updates as the project progresses. 

For details on our Lowndes Hill Project which began August 8, 2016, click HERE 

 Photo & Story by Dominique Spatafore for City of Clarksburg

sycamore street 9-12-16

UPDATE 9/12/16:

Removal of old bridge has been completed.  Bilco Construction is preparing for delivery of new beams to be installed.

sycamore street 10-10-16

 UPDATE 10/10/16:

Contractors installing 80 foot beams for replacement of Sycamore Street Bridge 


 sycamore street 10-26-16

UPDATE 10/26/16:

Sycamore Street is now open.

The Sycamore Street Bridge replacement project is now complete. 

This is the City’s first completed major infrastructure project that utilized funds from the recently passed Home Rule 1% Sales and Use Tax.