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City of Clarksburg partners with RDR Energy Resources for clean-up project

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City of Clarksburg partners with RDR Energy Resources for clean-up project

The City of Clarksburg has collaboratively formed a public-private partnership with RDR Energy Resources to clean the riverbank along Elk Creek.

The stream bank clean-up will span approximately 830 linear feet from 120 Hewes Avenue and continue south ending at the Main Street Bridge between E.B. Saunders Way and Monticello Avenue. The project will include removing debris and evasive undergrowth. (grubbing and de-vegetation)  

The project is estimated to take approximately 2 weeks at 50 hours per week.  The labor/time/equipment cost that will be donated is estimated at $21,600.00

MS4 Director Adam Barberio stated, “The City is excited to partner with RDR Energy for this community riverbank cleanup project. It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Randolph on this clean up initiative.  Projects like this greatly reduce the potential for contaminants to enter the waters of the state.  As for our MS4 program we greatly appreciate this type of community involvement.”

We applaud RDR Energy Resources, Mr. Randolph and his team for their environmental stewardship and look forward to seeing the beauty of the river and making a safe and healthier place for our community.

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