Clarksburg WV





The City of Clarksburg is one step closer with its plans for annexation of three separate tracts of land.  On Monday, December 29, 2014 the City; represented by City Manager Martin Howe and Assistant City Manager Anthony Bellotte attended the Harrison County Commission Meeting to answer questions from the Commission prior to the public hearing date of Thursday, January 29, 2015.  City Manager Howe stated “The City has been discussing annexation with two of the property owners for quite some time.”  The first property is owned by MCP Mountaineer Energy Park which includes approximately 90 acres of developable land situated to the North of West Virginia Avenue.  The City has also petitioned to annex two parcels of property it owns which total approximately 123 acres and abuts MCP’s property. Lastly, the City requested approximately 4.5 acres of property owned by Davis Funeral Home to be annexed.  Davis Funeral Home has been an established business and has petitioned the City to be annexed.

This is an exciting opportunity for the City.  Annexation, as well as identifying developable land, was one of its action items from the 2014 Strategic Planning Session.  Howe stated “I am very appreciative of David Bolyard, Jr., Director and Owner and Jason Cooke, Director of Operations and Owner with Davis Funeral Home annexing their property into our city limits.  Their funeral home has been and will continue to be an asset, not only to Clarksburg and Nutter Fort, but to the other areas within the County that they proudly serve.”

Assistant City Manager stated “The annexation of over 200 plus acres of combined property between MCP Energy Park and the City creates unlimited opportunities.”  Mr. Bellotte continued with “We believe MCP’s future development can have a positive effect with the overall community.”  This type of development is a direct result of the City reinvesting into its infrastructure when it replaced West Virginia Avenue and the Clark Street Bridge as well as developing the West Virginia Mack Brownfield Property which is now owned by Valley Supply.

Mayor Catherine Goings stated, “All of these annexations happening at once is a great sign that our city is moving in the right direction and it’s an honor to continue to work with the Administrative Team to see these projects come to reality.”  Mayor Goings added, “With the annexation of a current business (Davis Funeral Home) I believe it shows the city is truly working hard for businesses and we continue to do what we can to assist with business retention and expansion.”

Clarksburg City Council previously approved all 3 annexations by Resolution on Thursday, November 6, 2014. 

Story by Dominique Medina