Clarksburg WV


Getting A Business License For Your Clarksburg Business

Before you can start making money, your business will need to be licensed through the State of West Virginia and the City of Clarksburg. The following section will guide you through the process of getting an occupancy permit, a state permit, and a city permit.

A. Certification of Occupancy Application
B. Obtaining a West Virginia Business Franchise Certificate (Business License)
C. Obtaining a Clarksburg Municipal Business License
D. City Contractor
E. Handyman License 
F. Rental  Property Information

 A. Certification of Occupancy Application

Whether your place of business is a newly constructed building or an already existing building, and if your business is located in the City limits of Clarksburg, you need to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy before you can apply for a business license

Complete the Certificate of Occupancy form 

If the business will be in your home that is located within the City limits of Clarksburg, you will also have to fill out a Home Occupancy Permit Form.

Schedule inspections with the Code Enforcement Office by calling the Code Enforement Office @ 304-624-1633

  • Building Code Inspection, Code Enforcement.....Call 624-1633
  • Fire Code Inspection, Fire Department.....Call 624-1685

Before a certificate will be issued, these two inspections need to be passed.  When all inspections are approved the Code Enforcement Office will enter the information into the computer and notify the Finance office. The client/customer can then pay the $50 fee at the finance department's cashier's window on the first floor of City Hall.


B. Obtaining a West Virginia Business Franchise Certificate (Business License)

In West Virginia, all businesses must be licensed with the State. **Business owners must file a State Application for a Business License before applying for the City business license**.

Applications for the State Business Franchise Certificate can be obtained: 

  • Online @
  • Calling the State automated form ordering number...............(304)-558-3333
  • Calling the toll-free (within WV), operator assisted number .....1-800-982-8297
  • Stopping by or calling the Clarksburg State Tax office .........(304)-627-2165

Important! Retain a copy of the application for use with the City permit.

C. Obtaining a Clarksburg Municipal Business License

Applications will only be accepted with verification of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupancy Permit, whichever is applicable. Applicants must have a valid West Virginia Business Franchise Certificate, or you may submit a copy of your application for the State certificate. The municipal license fee is based on your business activity and if your business is located within the City limits. You must have an occupancy permit.

The Municipal license is issued for a maximum term of one year expiring on June 30. The license will need to be renewed by all businesses by July 1 in order to avoid late penalty fees.

If you need assistance with the applications, call  304-624-1630 

D. City Contractor

All general and subcontractors doing business in Clarksburg must be licensed through the State and the City.

 Click here for a  State License Application, or for a hard copy contact: Contractor Licensing Board, 319 Building 3, Capital Complex, Charleston, WV 25305 or by phone: (304) 558-7890

 Prior to the commencement of any project, all contractors and subcontractors are required to first obtain a State Business Franchise Certificate and a State Contractor's License. With proof of the State licenses, contractors and subcontractors can apply for a City of Clarksburg Contractor's License.

No contractor will be issued a Contractor's License by the Director of Finance if the Contractor is not current in the payment of their Business and Occupation Taxes. For contractor's the rate of B & O Tax is 2% of gross income actually derived from each contract.

The initial license fee for Contractors is $90.00 ($45.00 prorated fee after January 1st.). The License term expires June 30th. The annual renewal fee is $75.00

If you need assistance with the applications, call  304-624-1630

E. Handyman License 

The total contract amount received for each individual job performed in the City limits of Clarksburg during a license term, which will expire June 30, will not exceed the amount of $2,500.00 for the total cost of materials and labor (regardless of whether materials are purchased by the contractor or the project owner).

You would not be required to obtain a State of West Virginia Contractor License.  You must attach a copy of your West Virginia State Tax Department Business Registration Certificate.  An affidavit,(attached to the application)stating that you will not perform any job where the total cost of materials and labor will not exceed $2,500, must be signed and attached to this application.  This affidavit must be completed each year on or before the renewal of your license.

By completing and signing this application for a Handyman License, you certify and attest that:

1)       City of Clarksburg Business & Occupation (B&O) tax forms will be mailed each quarter to the mailing address listed above.  The total gross amount received for work done in the City limits of Clarksburg will be reported on the tax form and B&O tax in the amount equal to two percent (2%) of the total gross amount will be paid to the City.

2)       The Handyman License will expire June 30 of each year.  An annual license renewal form will be mailed before the expiration date.  The fee to renew this license is $25.00.  If you choose to renew this license, you understand that the above-stated guidelines remain the same concerning the total dollar amount received for jobs performed in the City limits.

3)       A City Building Permit will be obtained, if required, for all work you perform in the City limits.

F. Rental  Property Information

Any person engaging in the business of furnishing any real or tangible personal property for rent, lease, or loan shall be required to apply for and obtain a City of Clarksburg business license. The license term will expire June 30 of each year. Our office will mail a license renewal form each year and you will be required to sign the form and return it to our office by June 30.

Once licensed, you will receive an annual business and occupation tax form in the 1st week of January. The amount of business and occupation tax due is based on one (1%) of your total income received from all rental properties. 

If you sell your rental property, it is necessary that you notify the Finance office, in writing, as of the date your business ceased to whom you sold the property, and if the new owner will continue to use the property as rental. You need to also file a "final" business and occupation tax return as of the date you sold the property.