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New Clarksburg Firefighters Undergo Live Training

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Clarksburg Fire Department's two new hires, Tyler Hott and Christofer Webb, began their live training the day they were sworn in on May 16th  and will continue until June 15th , 2017 at which time they will begin 24 hour shifts and commence their 3 year/3000 hour apprenticeship training program with the WV Department of Labor.

Cindy Murphy, Director of Safety and Training with the Clarksburg Fire Department stated, “When we acquire new recruits on the department we spend the first month in training with them.  During that time, we make sure they understand how our department handles fires, car wrecks, medical calls and even hazardous material calls.  We make sure they have all the basics they need to get on the truck and respond to the needs of our citizens and can do it safely so they can go home to their families.” Captain Murphy continued, “They will continue with their training during their apprenticeship with on-the-job skills that go into more depth until they test to become Journeymen Firefighters.  It's amazing to watch their growth over a short period of time."

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Firefighter Webb stated, "The job is so intense, so the training has to be too.  I love it.  There's plenty of experience and wisdom to pull from in all the firefighters.  I'm proud to work for the Clarksburg Fire Department."

Firefighter Hott stated, “It's an honor to be serving beside these firefighters.  I'm amazed at how versatile you have to be to handle all the different types of calls.  I'm lucky to have the opportunity to serve with a top-notch department.  Everyone here is very passionate about their profession."

The training consists of Firefighter One, Hazardous Materials Awareness, First Aid and CPR.  The training takes place at United Technical Center under the direction of Captain Cindy Murphy as well as on duty staff.

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Story by Dominique Spatafore | City of Clarksburg