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Clarksburg Fire Department Swears in Jeremiah Hastings


July 1, 2015

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The City of Clarksburg is proud to announce that Jeremiah Hastings has been officially sworn in as a Probationary Firefighter.  The ceremony, which took place in City Council Chambers, was packed with many Clarksburg Firefighters, Jeremiah’s wife Amanda and daughter Avery as well as representatives from the City of Clarksburg.

Mayor Catherine Goings congratulated Mr. Hastings by stating, “Welcome to the family.  I think there is something unique about our fire department; it truly is a close knit group and it is obvious because of the number of people that showed up today. I want to wish you many years of continued success and thank you for your commitment to our City and citizens and our safety and wellbeing.”

Vice Mayor Gary Bowden stated, “Our greatest responsibility as public servants for the City is their safety, so what you do and what the Police Department does for the City is of upmost importance, so we appreciate you serving and wish you the best of luck.”  He continued, “I also suggest, that I’ve found, in my short years working with City Council, your fellow buddies on the fire department, have shown themseleves to be great ambassadors for our City.  I think they help serve our community in many ways other than just public safety and I would encourage you to follow their lead.”

Firefighter Hastings was sworn in by City Clerk Annette Wright.  The ceremony concluded with a small reception and City Manager Martin Howe expressing his gratitude for Hastings making the choice to work for the City of Clarksburg.

Pictured above: Fire Chief Rick Scott, Firefighter Jeremiah Hastings, his wife Amanda and daughter Avery

Story by Dominique Medina, Community Relations Specialist with City of Clarksburg