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Clarksburg Fire Department Swears in Ethan Phillips



The City of Clarksburg is proud to welcome Ethan Phillips to the Clarksburg Fire Department.  Ethan is a second generation fire fighter, joining his father, Michael Phillips to serve the City.  


The ceremony, which took place within City Council Chambers, was filled with many Clarksburg Firefighters and representatives from the City of Clarksburg.

Fire Chief, Rick Scott, voiced “Most of us at the Fire Department have known Ethan since he was a baby because his father has worked with us for 30 years, he is a firefighter first class, and we are extremely proud to have Ethan as the newest member of our team.”


City Manager, Martin Howe, stated, “It is valuable to have such dedication from a local family.  We are grateful for their service to the City and the Phillip family legacy.”

Photos by Firefighter 1st Class, Matt Reel