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“Not One More”

Captain Cindy Murphy is on a mission.   Captain Murphy is the Director of Safety and Training at the Clarksburg Fire Department as well as a volunteer for The Educational Outreach Program with Harrison County Child Advocacy Center.  She has made it her plight to raise awareness on fire safety and the importance of smoke alarms.

She visits area schools to educate Kindergarten through 2nd graders on the importance of fire safety awareness and prevention.   Next up - Adamston Elementary School – Captain Murphy will give all 60 students a fully operational 10 year smoke detector.  The Captain’s goal is to put smoke detectors in the hands of all 850 first graders in Harrison County.

If a fire occurs your ability to get out depends on advance warning from smoke alarms and advance planning.  Fire safety does go beyond smoke detectors however.  Captain Murphy also stresses the importance of having an escape plan in place and teaching children the “magic number” 9-1-1.

A working fire alarm is often the difference between life and death.  She states there are 3 reasons smoke detectors fail, all of which are human error.  Following are the main causes for failure:

  • Forgetting to change the battery.   A good rule of thumb is to change your battery when you change your clock for daylight savings!
  • Taking the battery out to use for something else. 
  • Removing the battery to avoid nuisance and forget to put it back in.  This blunder is greatly eliminated with the invention of lithium ion smoke alarms that last 10 years.

Captain Murphy states, “My whole goal of this program is to give children the opportunity to have early warning in the event of a fire.  We as emergency service providers have the opportunity with this to do more than just deliver the message that smoke detectors change lives, we now have a vehicle to try and make sure one exists in the home to sound the alarm if there is a fire.”  Captain Murphy continued, “These new detectors take the human error element out of the equation because the battery doesn’t need changed; it just needs tested to ensure that it can silently watch over the occupants until it is needed.  We as a community can make this happen if we just pool our resources and efforts.”

Fire Chief Rick Scott affirms that he is behind the project 100 percent, “She is actively seeking sponsorship and looking for discounts through local businesses.”  Scott ended with “She plans to make it a long-term sustainable program within the community.”

The City applauds Captain Murphy’s passion.  If you would like to make a donation to “Not One More”, you may drop off monetary donations or smoke detectors to The Central Fire Department on Main Street in Downtown Clarksburg or our North View location.

Donations may be made payable to: 

International Association of Firefighters Local 89

Clarksburg Fire Dept.

465 West Main Street, Clarksburg, WV  26301

(please note in check memo “smoke detector program”)

For further information, contact Cindy Murphy at (304)669-9015 or cmurphy@cityofclarksburgwv.