Clarksburg WV


Clarksburg Commends 3 Firefighters for 60 Years of Strength

 February 4, 2014

Yesterday morning in the Clarksburg Council Chambers, the City turned its attention to three (3) firefighters who received recognition for their service to the community. City Manager, Martin Howe explained, “It is always a pleasure to share in the successes of our City’s employees.  Their hard work has benefited the City by assuring its safety and boosting its positive reputation.” 


In the firefighter’s acceptance of promotions and appointments, Chief Scott explained, “We couldn’t be happier.  These men represent sixty (60) years of combined experience, and they are well deserving of their new positions.”  Upon receiving their promotions and appointments, Chief Scott made an effort to describe how each of the Firefighters contributes a different personality to the Department, but share the same objective of providing safety to the citizens of Clarksburg. 

Captain Magee was promoted to Fire Marshal/ City Inspector. 


Lieutenant Joseph “Joe Bob” Keough was appointed to Provisional Captain. 


Firefighter First Class Gino Gallo was promoted to Lieutenant. 


Also Present (From Left): City Clerk, Annette Wright, Councilwoman Bailey, Councilman Malfregeot, and Vice-Mayor Bowden.