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This is sample of a citation.

The information you'll need from the ticket to enter into the pay screen fields are indicated for you.

You will have a Citation No. 100- ______.  

You DO NOT need to key in the number before the hypen. 

citation ticket

This number identifies your specific ticket even if you had more than one violation on the ticket.

To know how much you may owe you will need to look at the Citation-Violation Codes/Description/Fee Table (see below) to determine what the fee is that you owe. Most often the violations are indicated by a CODE the written in or checked on the ticket by the issuing officer.  If there is two violations on this ticket you need to add the two amounts for a total to enter in the payment area. If you had more than 2 violations then you were probably issued more than one ticket. You will need to enter the information for EACH ticket separately. Always take note of the back of the ticket in case the officer wrote any information there. 

 ** Note there are SOME violations noted below that CANNOT be paid online.

(These are also part of this section)