Clarksburg WV


NCWV Investments: Commencement & Recommencement of Property

A group of entrepreneurs are making headway in Clarksburg, as the local housing opportunities continue to expand with many new and renovated spaces being made available.  North Central West Virginia Investments (NCWV Investments LLC.), which includes Mike Caputo, Paul Howe, and Eric Leaseburg, has been working diligently towards the commencement of a newly constructed property located on Lee Avenue, and the recommencement of a very familiar structure located on Milford Street.  This group of community investors has been working together for only two and a half (2 ½) years, however, their conjoined resumes represent decades of business ventures within the City of Clarksburg and Harrison County.



Fresh Paint

The new structure recently constructed on Lee Avenue has an estimated move-in date of May 1st for potential residents .  This conveniently located apartment complex in Uptown Clarksburg, features two (2), two (2) bedroom apartments, and three (3) single bedroom apartments.   The two (2) bedroom (apx. 1000 sq. ft.) apartments have floor plans that are spacious with a beautiful view of the City, whereas, the single bedroom (axp. 650 sq. ft.), first floor apartments open directly to the complexes’ twelve (12) to fourteen (14) spaced parking lot and are within a few steps walk to the outdoor green space.



These attractive spaces also include all of the necessary amenities to make residents feel at home such as; well insulated rooms, a washer and dryer in each apartment, microwave, stove, hot water tank, and garbage disposal.  All of the amenities are run by electric; therefore, residents will only be responsible for a water and electric bill every month.  The property has on-site storage and tenants are given the option to fully furnish their apartment.  The price tags on these apartments range from seven hundred dollars ($700) to nine hundred dollars ($900)/per month and are suitable for any single or couples that are working professionals.  Pre-leases are currently available while the paint is still drying, and potential residents are encouraged to call to discuss residency and to view the spaces.




Cozy Inside, Classic Outside

In addition to their new apartment complex, NCWV Investments has undertaken a project that will turn one of the worst pieces of property on Milford Street, into four (4) cozy, single bedroom apartments.  What was once the River Bend Motel, is now undergoing a complete transformation to become one of Clarksburg’s most prized spots to live.  Eric Leasburg explained that in addition to completely gutting the inside of the structure, NCWV Investments were successful in matching the 1930’s brick to fill in certain entries in order to keep its classic look.




Each of these four (4) apartments go for $1000 each and include all of the utility costs.  This space is perfect for any singles or couples to occupy.  Residents can enjoy the benefits of being close to the VA Walking Trail, the Splash Zone, Sheets and Highland Hospital.  Within the 550 sq. ft. apartment, residents can enjoy a full kitchen, modern bathroom, comfortable bedroom, and livingroom equipted with cable and internet (included).         




Milford Street apartments come with off street parking, coin laundry and available storage.  Apartments can be fully furnished upon request and NCWV Investments are now available for pre-lease.  Come and check out the beautiful view for yourself. 




NCWV Investors LLC. can be reached by calling Eric Leaseburg @ 304.627-5937.