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Walking with Dinosaurs is Coming to Harrison County Parks and Recreation.

story by: Renee Courtney


photo courtesy of Prehistoric Planet

Harrison County Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Doug Comer announced an upcoming exhibit, that will be on display from 10 a.m. Monday, Feb. 17  until 5 p.m. on Friday, March 28.

E. Ray Garton and Zack Heck, of Pre-historic Planet in Barrackville, WV, will be bringing their displays, along with fossils and other various pieces of history. 

Walking with Dinosaurs, will be held at the Harrison County Recreation Complex (4-H center) on Rt 19. The exhibit will include museum quality displays of full size dinosaur skeletons.

“The Tsinotaurus is 33 feet long and 22 feet tall, the Stegosaurus is 15 feet long and the Tarbosaurus is 26 feet long and 9 feet high,” said Comer. 

Comer said in addition to field day events the exhibit will be available during weekends and evenings for the whole family to come out and enjoy as well.

“Maybe a child that visited during the day really enjoyed it and they will say to their parents, 'Mom and Dad I have to show you what I saw,'” said Comer. “It can be a great family experience.”

In addition to the displays HCPR will also be hosting additional dinosaur events for different age groups.

Digging Dinosaurs for grades pre-k to 2nd grade will teach children about Dinosaur size and eating habits. They will also enjoy digging and assembling dinosaur bones.

Dinosaur Discoveries for 3rd grade through middle school offers students a chance to look through the eyes of a paleontologist as they explore dinosaur places, prehistoric West Virginians and the age of the dinosaurs. Students will also be given an opportunity to plan and carry out their own dig.

Both Digging Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Discoveries for Groups or Classes must be scheduled in advance.

“The enlightening thing for me and I think every employee here is seeing the kids with smiles on their faces when they get back on that bus,because they had a great time here,” said Comer. “Being at a place like this makes you a kid at heart. It doesn't force you it just happens.”

Visit the event page posted by Prehistoric Planet on facebook at:

Walking With Dinosaurs is sponsored by the Harrison County Parks and Recreation, Michael Book, Director. 

If you have any further questions, call (304)624-0481