Clarksburg WV


Energy Surveys, Inc. Open House


The City of Clarksburg would like to officially welcome Energy Surveys, Inc. to its Historic District of Glen Elk.  Energy Surveys held its open house yesterday (April 2, 2014) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at its attractively restored building located at 418 Mayo Street, which allowed many community leaders and representatives to learn more about the services which they provide.  Present for the grand opening was Mayor Goings, Councilman Caplan, and City Manager Martin Howe.


City Manager Martin Howe, President of Energy Surveys, Kurt Newbrough, Vice President of Energy Surveys, Scott Shaver, Mayor Catherine Goings, Councilman Bob Caplan.

Mayor Goings stated, “It is exciting to see a new company move into the Historical District of Clarksburg.  This is a beautiful building and Energy Surveys Inc. is a progressive company.  I look forward to more businesses moving to the area as the City continues to grow.  This is great for Clarksburg.”  City Manager Howe stated, “We could not be more pleased.  Energy Surveys is a great anchor for Glen Elk, and we look forward to a lasting relationship with them.” 


Hosting the event was President of Energy Surveys, Kurt Newbrough and Vice President Scott Shaver.  Newbrough stated, “We couldn’t be more pleased with the overwhelming support from the City of Clarksburg, it only solidified our decision even more to make Clarksburg our home for operations. This move holds true to our values of being a local firm with a home-grown presence and we are honored to be able to employ and work within the City of Clarksburg, and the state of West Virginia.” Energy Surveys works predominantly in the tri-state area (including Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia), therefore, Clarksburg has provided Energy Surveys with a premier central location.  Being at the center of US Route 50 and I-79 has allowed Energy Surveys to easily access their market.


President of Energy Surveys, Kurt Newbrough

Energy Surveys, Inc. provides key professional land surveying and mapping services, GIS mapping services, office staff support and consulting services. In time, Energy Surveys hopes to expand their company and grow to be the number one choice for surveying and mapping firms in West Virginia. With the ever-expanding Marcellus Shale activities continuing to take place in West Virginia, the need for professional support services continues to grow, and Energy Surveys Inc. has been established to provide crucial services to the Midstream market.   “We are well poised and positioned in the Midstream market due to existing relationships, past performances and our personal reputation, along with our geographic proximity to the industries we serve,” Newbrough added.


Scott Shaver


Newbrough and Shaver have 48 years of combined expertise in the field of Surveying, and they agree that the best part of their career is experiencing something different every day.  Shaver explained, “Our projects can run anywhere from weeks to years (depending on the size of the site), and we are constantly building new relationships within the industry.  One of the greatest attributes at Energy Surveys is its employees.  Because we are from the area, we are able to cater to our clients and be sensitive to their every need.” 


The Evolution of Surveying: Plumb Bob and GPS Data Processing.

The industry has evolved from the K-String and Plumb-Bob (a weight, usually with a pointed tip on the bottom that is suspended from a string and used as a vertical reference line) and now requires a great deal of technology.  Josh Hauser, Energy Surveys’ Technology Chief Information Officer (CIO) explains, “Our industry relies heavily on satellites and cell phone data, and we also deal with technological equipment which helps with GPS Data Processing.”  In reference to the K-String and Plumb-Bob, Hauser stated with a grin, “We don’t keep that in our arsenal anymore.”  He concluded, “It’s very important for us to keep up with the competition.”  With better technology, Energy Surveys can provide clients with an enhanced product in a timely manner.


Senior Crew Lead, Eli Gain

Energy Surveys currently has 20 employees and is looking forward to expanding in the future.  With a friendly and encouraging work environment, good wage and benefits, Energy Surveys has a committed team, which is dedicated to providing excellent service to their customers.  Senior Crew Lead, Eli Gain explained, “It has been great working with Kurt, and this job has allowed us to work outside the box”

For more information, contact Kurt Newbrough or Scott Shaver at 304.677.4536 or visit their website,