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Crestwood, Midstream Partners LP: Connections for America’s Energy

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The City would like to welcome Crestwood, Midstream Partners LP to Clarksburg’s Business and Technology Park.  As of March, 2012 Crestwood began doing business in West Virginia and they have recently gained occupancy in the building that was formerly utilized by Thrasher Engineering.  Crestwood, whose headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, has put their business in the center of West Virginia’s oil and gas industry by expanding into the Clarksburg area.

crestwood_4.jpgCrestwood: Business and Technology Park

Crestwood specializes in the gathering, compression, treating, processing, storage and transportation of natural gas.  The company also works in the fields of logistics, marketing, and the storage of natural gas liquids.  Vice President of Eastern Operations, Joseph R. Kopalek considers the expansion into West Virginia a long-term investment and believes due to natural gas being in high production, this area will continue to see growth in the industry.  Kopalek stated that his initial attraction to working with Crestwood was due to the company’s policies on protection and safety of the environment.  Kopalek went on to explain that the company’s CEO, Bob Phillips, has done everything he can do to make safety a top priority, and the company continues to seek ways to improve environmental performance.  


crest_2.jpgVice President, Eastern Operations, Joseph R. Kopalek

Recently, Crestwood has installed twenty-two (22) miles of underground pipeline from Clarksburg to Doddridge County.  Although Doddrige County may be geographically closer than twenty-two (22) highway miles away, the distance of pipe, which is measured, also includes lateral distances caused by natural and manufactured obstacles. Kopalek explained that the hardest hurdle of burying pipe is working through underground rock or around the various geographic limitations, such as slopes, which force them to lay pipe in alternative directions.  


Although the pipeline company occasionally finds themselves caught between a rock and hard place, their ability to strategize and execute a plan has given them the advantages they have needed in order to expand.  The company has four pillars that support their success which include; a) connections, which create flow assurance b) operations, to maximize value to customers c) execution, which delivers a disciplined strategy d) and integrity, which embodies the company’s core principles including safety, environmental compliance and sustainability, commitment to communities, and creating valued relationships with customers, vendors, the public and employees.

The Clarksburg location of Crestwood has created many job opportunities for the area.  If you are interested in learning more about Crestwood or applying for one of their many jobs please visit:

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