Business & Occupation (Gross Receipts) Tax Credit


The City offers a three (3) year tax credit to new businesses located in designated located in designated areas of the City.  These areas include Downtown Clarksburg, Glen Elk, and the Business & Technology Center.  Areas of the City zoned Industrial (I-2) and professional services businesses are eligible for a two (2) year tax credit.

The amount of the 3 year tax credit is 100% of the tax due in the first year of operation, 75% of the tax due in the second year of operation, and 50% of the tax due in the third year of operation.  For Professional Service Businesses and businesses located in Industrial zones, the tax credit is offered for only a two (2) year period, 50% in year one, and 25% in year two.

New businesses are required to submit a Tax Credit Application and an Owner’s Affidavit to certify and attest that they will comply with the terms and provisions of the program as established by the Director of Finance.