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Clarksburg Police Department Partners with Harrison County Sherriff’s Department and City of Bridgeport for High Risk SWAT Training

swat group lead

Clarksburg Police Department partnered with local law enforcement to provide High Risk Warrant Service Operations Training.

The 4-day, 40-hour training was provided by FTF Tactics of Los Angeles, California.  High Risk Warrant Service Operations course is designed to expose individuals to techniques used in the planning and execution of high-risk warrants.  The training consisted of intelligence gathering, team assignments, scouting missions, service planning, contingency planning, diversionary tactics, breaching methods, immediate action drills and controlled speed movement. 

Chris Smelser LA County Sheriff Department Deputy stated, “For all three departments to come together and share resources is huge.  Anytime you can share resources your work capability increases three-fold and its safer for everybody.  Officers do not get to pick and choose when a scenario is going to bring you together, so you got to take the face time to train together.  Learning each other’s names and sharing of equipment is huge.”

swat truck

Sheriff Matheny stated anytime the departments can unite, better service can be provided for the citizens of Harrison County.  “This is very successful and beneficial for our area to have this level of training.   When this training was offered, it was a no-brainer.”

Chief Hilliard stated, “This was a collaborative effort and everyone in this area works well together.  No one agency has all the resources, that’s why we work together.”

The opportunity to train and focus on the front half of a warrant service is crucial to everyone’s safety and puts our law enforcement in real life scenarios.

 Costs of the course was $14,200 with each department contributing a third.  

swat chief

Story and photos by Dominique Spatafore | City of Clarksburg