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Posted on: October 25, 2018

Lettuce Do Lunch

lettuce do lunch student prepares veggies

Students who are enrolled in various classes at Robert C. Byrd High School have the opportunity to take part in a simulated business, as a part of the state mandated work place experience in Career Technical Education (CTE) classes, which provides students the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners. By creating the program, Lettuce Do Lunch, students have the opportunity to learn the various roles and job skills that are a part of a business model.

The idea was proposed by Principle, Steven Gibson, in 2017, and on September 11, 2018 the first lunch was served to RCB’s staff. Lettuce Do Lunch provides lunch to the school’s administration and teachers, every Tuesday and Thursday. Menus are sent to RCB’s staff, where they specify their orders before placing them with customer service representatives. Customer Service representatives then determine how much food will be needed for the next day’s lunch. Students then grocery shop online at Kroger or Sam’s Club for the necessary items to provide their customers with a sustainable lunch. Program supervisors, Ms. Allen and Dr. Beckett share the responsibility of picking up the items from the supermarkets.

All materials are prepped the day of, during the 3rd block period by senior students who are teacher assistants, in a mentorship program, or REC students during this time period, these students are supervised by Ms. Pettrey, who gives up a portion of her planning period to take part in the program. Next semester, Ms. Pettrey’s foods class will prep the lunches for the Lettuce Do Lunch program. Lunches are then delivered to the Staff by the program’s customer service representatives.   

Students currently in the food prep and customer service positions were required to interview for their positions, had to complete a “job application” to be considered scheduled for an interview. Each class that takes part in the program, provides students who perform various roles. For example, students in Dr. Beckett’s Accounting Class handle the financial aspects of the program, like billing the teachers for their lunches, while students in Ms. Allen’s Office Management class handle collecting teacher’s lunch orders, scheduling shifts, and training employees.

The program charges RCB’s staff $6 per lunch, and uses the funds to buy the next day’s lunch supplies. The program makes very little profit, and the profit that is made goes into Future Business Leaders of America Account, which is then used to send business students to competitions and conferences. The initial startup funds came from the Future Business Leaders of America. On average the program serves 20-25 teachers on a weekly basis. Students have sent out satisfaction surveys to staff where they have received exceptional feedback from the staff on the quality and service of their lunch.

Lettuce Do Lunch has recently teamed up with area restaurants like Mcdonald’s and Subway. McDonald’s has supplied salad dressings and dipping sauces for the program, which makes packaging the lunches easier. Subway provided a discount on their subs to help meet the $6 budget.

View Lettuce Do Lunch Application Here 

View Lettuce Do Lunch Interview Questions Here

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