Property Listing Agencies

Regional and State Resources:

Harrison County Economic Development Corporation commercial land listings:

Harrison County Economic Development Corporation commercial properties listings:

West Virginia Development Office site and building map:[SortDirection]=true&s[radiusLat]=0&s[radius]=0&s[radiusLng]=0&s[SortBy]=name&s[SizeUnits]=1

Property Auction Firms with Mapping and Public Listings:

Joe R. Pyle Complete Auction & Realty Service Clarksburg, WV listings:

Kaufman Auctions Clarksburg, WV listings:

Traditional Internet Resources:

Craigslist Clarksburg, WV office and commercial listings:

West Virginia Realtors Clarksburg, WV MLS Listings:

Zillow Clarksburg, WV residential listings:,-wv_rb/

Do you own or manage property in the City of Clarksburg and would welcome additional advertising. Additional sales and lease information can be provided to the Economic Development Department to assist with listing and property use. For more information please contact the Economic Development Department at 304-624-1681 or by email at