Bicycle Registration Program

Clarksburg Police Department Implements Bicycle Registration Program:

The City of Clarksburg is implementing a new bicycle registration program to ensure bicycles lost or stolen in the city are more easily recovered and returned. While registration is required, the program is free to all participants.

The Clarksburg Police Department provides this voluntary bicycle registration program as a community service.

Through partnership with our community, individuals and local businesses, this program raises awareness of bicycle thefts and reduces the number of stolen and unrecovered bicycles throughout Clarksburg.

Please note:  Form must be completed in full and include serial number.  Form must be submitted via email to or in person to the Clarksburg Police Department Front Desk (222 West Main Street, Clarksburg, WV)

Why register?

Should your bicycle ever be stolen, the police department can quickly locate your bicycle's identifying information and enter those details into a statewide stolen property database. This information is not shared outside of law enforcement agencies and is used strictly for tracking stolen property.

Lost or stolen bicycles registered through this program have a much greater chance of being returned to their rightful owners once they are recovered.

Bicycle registration also aids in the identification of the bicycle owner in case of a collision. Many bicyclists do not carry identification with them - this is especially true for children. If you or your child's bicycle is registered, parents or family members can be contacted quickly. Do your child and yourself a favor - register your bicycles!