Tuned In: with Jack Logar

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Unique Entertainer

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, listeners of all ages, Clarksburg’s Local Faces is proud to present to you: Jack Logar of the Magic 106.5 Morning Show. This unique individual entertains the citizens of Clarksburg with his witty sense of humor and lighthearted delivery. Logar’s vocal appeal has attracted listeners who wish for nothing more than to forget about the work day that is ahead of them.

One might be surprised to find that Logar’s “On Air” persona matches his off the air personality, one of which is both dynamic and real. In being himself “On Air” Logar has been able to establish a brand that is both consistent and genuine. Logar stated, “I give my honest opinions about whatever topics come up,” he continued, “I don’t play a “character” on the radio.”

Strong Sense of Community

Logar believes that Clarksburg is a great audience for his show, in which he recognized the, “strong sense of community.” This element of recognition truly brings the Magic Morning Show to life, in that the audience becomes active participants of the show, rather than just listeners. The active listeners on the Morning Show are given the opportunity by Logar to not only listen to the news, but experience it. In many of his segments, Logar invites his listeners to call in and express their feelings about movies, weather, celebrities, or anything else that might be suitable for a laid back radio show.

Demands of the Show

Although the Show demands a lot of preparation and planning on Jacks part, the show’s pulse can often be determined by the audience’s calls. At the top of his list of unique and memorable calls, Jack explained that he once received a call from a woman who was on her way to the hospital to deliver a baby. In the midst of their conversation, the woman delivered her baby and radio history was made.

Jack has enjoyed working with music and believes that there is a song for every mood. Something that a lot of listeners may be unaware of is that radio DJ’s don’t pick the music, a Music Director does. Even though he doesn’t select the music during his show, he is gratified when selections from U2, Prince, or his favorite, INXS are played. In his lifetime, Jack wishes to bump into Prince in order that he may approach him to ask, “What’s going on with that hair?”

Listen In

You can listen to Jack Logar’s Morning Show on Magic 106.5 weekdays from 5:30 -10 a.m. For more on Magic go to the website at Sky 106.5 or check out Jack’s Page: Jack Logar on Facebook.