Thomas David Franklin

Property Gift 

Local resident, Thomas David Franklin has recently gifted property to the City of Clarksburg for the new State Office Building Project, which is planned to go out for bid on by the end of 2013, with construction set to begin in the spring of 2014. In providing this generous donation for the State Building, the property will also be helpful with overflow parking and the overall improvement of the south block of Washington Avenue in Uptown Clarksburg. Although this particular donation has brought attention to the generosity of one of our local citizens, it is only one of many ventures which Franklin has been graciously involved in.

Thomas David Franklin on a bench with a small child

Impacting The Community

Originally from Baltimore, and after having lived in largely populated cities such as Waikiki, Hawaii and Portland, Maine, Franklin has always found ways to impact the communities he has resided in, while keeping focus on his family. Among his venture’s, Franklin has been instrumental in the construction of fire stations, libraries, and has a deep passion for the rejuvenation and creation of edible landscapes. Franklin has found it easy to be involved locally by helping at the Clarksburg Visitor’s Bureau and being installed as a lifetime member at the Friends of Clarksburg - Harrison Public Library. In addition to his participation in local activities, Franklin has been active in online community building with websites such as Warm Showers and Couch Surfing.

Purpose for Giving Back

When asked what drives him to give back to his community, Franklin explained, “It is in my blood and what I was raised to do.” He continued, as joy caused tears to roll down his face, “I love to give back and help others. I believe that no matter if you are rich or poor, you can always give back. If you see something you think that this City should have, make it happen. We shouldn’t always look for others to make change when we have the capacity to do so ourselves.” Franklin further explained that there are plenty of people who are willing to give of their time and gifts, and those who are able to naturally give, “need to be more inviting to call others to help.”

Future Hopes

In the near future, Franklin plans to make generous donations to aid in the revitalization of the Rails for Trails, a National Bike Trail which runs through Clarksburg’s City limits. Franklin hopes to bring out the outdoors enthusiasts and all of the local citizens by improving the trails and creating areas for camping and outdoor recreation. He believes that his love for camping and bike riding could rub off onto others and hopes that his example of giving will inspire others to give. Feel free to email Thomas Franklin about his future plans.