Steve Haning: Renovation & Rejuvenation


The City of Clarksburg is proud to present local entrepreneur and community leader, Steve Haning. A native of Washington DC, who gained occupancy in West Virginia during his youth, Haning has grown to be a man of great integrity with a true love for family and faith. Haning has been happily married to his wife, Leslie for 24 years. Leslie is the author of a largely popular West Virginia children’s book; The Mountaineer’s Journey through West Virginia.

Steve Haning sitting in black and white


Steve and Leslie have two daughters; their eldest daughter Paige, is a full time nursing student at Fairmont State University and a CA at Ruby Memorial Hospital, and their youngest daughter Hayley, is a student athlete at Lincoln High School. Haning considers himself to be very blessed and attributes much of his families success to their dedication in doing the Will of God. Haning’s family is very active at Faith Church International in Fairmont and the First United Methodist Church in Shinnston where they attend. As a result of their participation, Steve has encouraged his family to put their faith into all that they do. In addition to being a leader to his family, Steve has been successful in adapting his methods of raising a family into his business practices and community leadership roles.

Community Involvement

Although Haning is committed to his primary career as an insurance consultant with Insure America, he makes time to serve as Clarksburg Uptowns’s President. Clarksburg Uptown, which focuses on the economic growth of uptown Clarksburg and Glen Elk, is compiled of individuals who have a shared vision of beautification and revitalization of the structures in the business district of the city.

Haning was voted to the position of President due to his commitment to the group and because of the contributions which he has made within uptown Clarksburg. Following Uptown’s mission in the preservation of Clarksburg’s buildings, Haning has worked diligently to renovate the historic Gore Building into residential and commercial real-estate. The building that once was a hotel in the 1920’s has been renovated into the home of five (5) thriving businesses and several beautiful apartments. The improvements have been made possible by Diamond Development, Haning's project team.

Steve Haning Speaking
Team Outlaw


As part of his recreation, Haning spends time at his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Gym in Fairmont, Team Outlaw. Keeping fit has been a high priority for Steve since his days of playing forward at Allegany Community College’s, however, leading a younger generation of individuals to victory is what Steve is truly passionate about. Haning works hard with many youth and young adults to rejuvenate there attitude and guide them to be successful athletes.

Team Outlaw

Haning explained that he had been instrumental in helping RCB graduate, Kyle Adams gain both physical and mental toughness during his time with Team Outlaw. Haning was able to see Adams go on to be successful in WVU’s Boxing Club and is proud to see his successes expand into his involvement in the Air Force’s Special Operations Unit. Among other success stories, Haning was able to coach Kyle Quisenberry, a two (2) time state ju-jitsu fighting champion who went on to receive a significant rank in the U.S. Army’s physical training boot camp, and Dave Forysthe who is now a Marion County Deputy, a 3 (wins) and 1 (losses) Professional MMA Fighter, as well as an anti-bullying teacher.

Positive Difference

Whether on the mat, behind a desk, or actively making a difference in the community, it is easy to see that Steve Haning is making a positive difference in our community. Haning who finds the best in those he surrounds himself with, also has found the best in the community that he serves. He believes that there are several opportunities for growth in Clarksburg and attributes many of its accomplishment to City Manager, Martin Howe. Haning stated, “Howe is able to move the City forward no matter what obstacles he faces.” Haning finds great potential in the uptown area of Clarksburg and has committed himself to the renovation and rejuvenation of the life within it. Through his passion and positive will, Haning brings yet another smile to the Faces of Clarksburg.

Steve Haning Sitting