Nate Critchfield & The Perseverance of Personality

Clarksburg's Most Joyful Citizen

Local Faces is proud to present one of Clarksburg’s most joyful citizens, Nate Critchfield. A graduate from Robert C. Byrd High School and currently employed at the Nutter Fort McDonald’s, Critchfield is an avid runner who frequently utilizes the Mayor’s Fitness Trail when the sun is shining, and makes his way to the Harrison County YMCA when the weather conditions aren’t charitable. Although he runs for enjoyment, Critchfield has also utilized his gifts to successfully participate in many foot races, both locally and nationally.

Nate Critchfield
Nate Critchfield running a race
Nate Critchfield Skiing

Race Participation

Nate has participated in many hometown races such as the Greater Clarksburg 10k, the West Virginia Italian Festival 5k race, and the Clarksburg Mission’s Monster Mile. Nate has also traveled around the country to participate in the Special Olympics, one of which was the World Games in Sun Valley, Idaho. In addition to running events, Critchfield has been successfully competitive in volleyball, basketball, and winter skiing. As part of his training for the National Special Olympics in New Jersey this upcoming summer 2014, Critchfield has maintained a positive attitude in these winter months by adamantly hitting the treadmill, listening to some old school rock and roll tunes, as well as watching reruns of The Cosby Show, Alf and Frasier on DVD. Although he is able to enjoy music and movies in his down time, Critchfield considers these forms of entertainment to be part of his training, mainly because he is able to use the content as motivation during his races. (This is Nate’s secret to competing with a smile on his face.)

Family & Faith

This individual is an acolyte at Christ Episcopal Church, and has been raised in a family that displays a true love for God. His family is very close and supportive of his active lifestyle, and it is not uncommon to see Nate alongside one of his family members or hanging out with his friends. He believes that socializing is part of a good meal and essential to creating lasting relationships. He is partial to eating on the go at venues such as McDonald’s or Subway, however, when he is able, Nate occasionally enjoys a nice meal from Raymond’s. Critchfield is not shy to introduce himself at events such as the Italian Festival, and if folks have a good sense of humor he will gladly invest his own time in order to make people laugh. This unique person brightens the streets of city and advocates that Clarksburg is a great place to live. Make sure if you see Nate, that you wish him luck in New Jersey this summer.

Nate Critchfield with his family